These 23 films will soon be out on Netflix A sci-fi highlight strong insider tips and much more

These 23 films will soon be out on Netflix: A sci-fi highlight, strong insider tips and much more

You only have until Friday before numerous Netflix films suddenly disappear – including “The Martian”, the two “Percy Jackson” adventures and “The Simpsons – The Movie”.

Stupid timing: A lot of Netflix films disappear before the weekend of all VexMovies because the month finally begins again on Saturday – and then there are again numerous new films and series on the streaming platform.

New to Netflix in August 2020: An overview of the film and series highlights

In the same breath, other content must give way. But so that you still have the opportunity to watch one or the other thing in time, we have summarized the films for you that you can only watch a few days on Netflix.

Movies only on Netflix through July 31st

Sorted by rating – from the best to the worst film:

“Escape from Alcatraz”: exciting classic with Clint Eastwood – 4.5 stars

“Escape from Alcatraz”:

“It couldn’t be better”: masterful tragic comedy with a wonderfully nasty Jack Nicholson – 4.5 stars

“It couldn’t be better”:

“The Martian”: entertaining and fun sci-fi film with Matt Damon – 4 stars

“The Martian”:

“Mrs. Doubtfire “: Iconic Family Comedy Starring Robin Williams – 4 Stars

“Mrs. Doubtfire “:

“PK”: a remarkably clairvoyant plea for religious tolerance – 4 stars


“Rang De Basanti – The Color Saffron”: entertaining Bollywood cinema with great emotional impact – 4 stars

“Rang De Basanti – The Color Saffron”:

“The island of special children”: atmospheric fantasy fairy tale by Tim Burton – 4 stars

“The island of special children”:

“The Simpsons – The Movie”: the screen debut of the yellow cult family – 3.5 stars

“The Simpsons – The Movie”:

“Crazy Stupid Love”: a slightly different romantic comedy with an all-star cast – 3.5 stars

“Crazy Stupid Love”:

“The best comes at the end”: life-affirming comedy with two aging Hollywood legends – 3 stars

“The best comes last”:

“Love and leave”: perfect for a romantic movie evening without a lot of excitement – 3 stars

“Love and leave”:

“2012”: typical blockbuster from disaster film guru Roland Emmerich – 2.5 stars


“Michael Jackson’s This Is It”: Documentary about the King of Pop – 2.5 stars

“Michael Jackson’s This Is It”:

“Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus”: harmless fantasy snack for in between – 2.5 stars

“Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus”:

“Percy Jackson 2 – Under the spell of the Cyclops”: a standard teenage story in an elaborate effect garment – 2.5 stars

“Percy Jackson 2 – Under the Spell of the Cyclops”:

“The Bail Cop”: shallow romantic comedy that is neither very romantic nor too funny – 2 stars

“The Bail Cop”:

“Otto – The Film”: Comedy cult by and with Otto Waalkes

“Otto – The Film”:

“Baaghi – The Rebel”: Action film from Bollywood (for slow-motion enthusiasts)

“Baaghi – The Rebel”:

“Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days”: Feature film for the anime series “Assassination Classroom”

“Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days”:

“Banksy Does New York”: Documentary about the street artist Banksy

“Banksy Does New York”:

“Dear White People”: fun satire of racism

“Dear White People”:

“Fitoor – Forbidden Love”: Bollywood romance

“Fitoor – Forbidden Love”:

“Tamasha”: romantic comedy from India


“The Bomb”: partially animated experimental film about the history of nuclear weapons

“The Bomb”: