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Huge garbage dump was discovered 11 kilometers below the surface of the water

We all know by now that patches of garbage floating in the waters of the Pacific Ocean can be several times larger than Poland, and now we hear terrifying news from the depths of the sea.

From 0 to 500 km / h in 20 seconds. Bugatti Bolide will shake the automotive world

It is the hypercar project of the decade, which will set such records that the competition will not be able to dethrone them for a long time. At least, these are the plans of Bugatti engineers. The Bolide model is based on the design of its older brother, the Chiron. It is currently the fastest vehicle of this brand. Let us recall that its speed is 490 km / h.

Prostitutes and drugs. A Martian colony will be exempt from earthly law

Now it turns out that SpaceX has even prepared the Starlink service regulations, which provides for the construction of such a network on Mars. But it is not everything. Users of the new application noted that, according to the \"terms of service\", SpaceX does not intend to respect international law on Mars.

Starlink works great. YouTube videos run in 4K without buffering

At least that's what the first users of this revolutionary technology say, which will change beyond recognition for the better the interaction of millions of people with the global network. A large proportion of them post information on their system performance on their profiles on social networking sites. Cosmic Internet allows you to comfortably browse the web, and it has barely started.

See what the flight in a wingsuit and electric motor from BMW looks like

BMW and Designworks have jointly designed and built the world's first electric powered wingsuit. Work on it took 3 years, but the effects exceeded all expectations of its creators. In a moment you will be able to see the action of extreme sports fan, the famous base jumper Peter Salzmann.

The first manned ride with the Hyperloop capsule was a complete success

Virgin Hyperloop has just reached one of the most important milestones on the way to the implementation of its new mode of transport plan, namely it carried out the first manned test and it was also successful. In a special DevLoop unit in Nevada, two passengers sat in the transport capsule and made the first course on the high-speed train - although the tunnel was only 500 meters long, it did not allow the target speed to be achieved, but this does not detract from the rank of achievement. As for the mentioned passengers, one of them was obviously not accidental, because the co-founder of the company, Josh Giegel, sat in the cabin.

You no longer need to carry your driving license with you. You can have them in the mObywat application

And we're talking about the mObywat mobile application, in which we have access to mPrawa Driving, a digital document confirming our driving license. Of course, as the ministry emphasizes, we are not required to bring a driving license with us and it also applies to the digital version, but nevertheless, it encourages you to download and use the application, which includes some additional functions. One of them is the penalty point counter (the update takes place every day around 6:00) and while we hope most of us have so few that there is no problem with counting, unfortunately there are also people for whom points are everyday and so they are easy to control.

OnePlus 8T Concept, a color-changing smartphone that will track your breathing

Fortunately, this topic is changing a bit and recently we have seen at least some innovative designs from LG, such as the Wing model with an additional rotating screen that can be turned by 90 degrees to create something like the letter T. We are also seeing devices with folding flexible displays, and now OnePlus has presented a concept smartphone that attracts attention with some interesting functionalities. First of all, its housing can change color, and secondly, there is a millimeter wave radar (mmWave) inside.

A close-up of Jupiter and Saturn through the lens of a probe orbiting the Moon

While many amateur astronomers have succeeded in making far better images of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn from the surface of our planet than what you will see in a moment, this project is extraordinary in itself. We are talking about a probe that was designed to photograph and study the surface of the moon, and not to distant objects traversing the solar system.