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The new brain-cloud interfaces will turn ordinary people into almost gods

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of the modern world. Billions of people all over the planet use this tremendous treasure of knowledge on every possible topic every day, regardless of age, place of fuss, and social status. The most famous personalities in the tech world, however, are proposing that the way we connect to the global network today will soon go down in history.

From 0 to 500 km / h in 20 seconds. Bugatti Bolide will shake the automotive world

It is the hypercar project of the decade, which will set such records that the competition will not be able to dethrone them for a long time. At least, these are the plans of Bugatti engineers. The Bolide model is based on the design of its older brother, the Chiron. It is currently the fastest vehicle of this brand. Let us recall that its speed is 490 km / h.

Starlink works great. YouTube videos run in 4K without buffering

At least that's what the first users of this revolutionary technology say, which will change beyond recognition for the better the interaction of millions of people with the global network. A large proportion of them post information on their system performance on their profiles on social networking sites. Cosmic Internet allows you to comfortably browse the web, and it has barely started.

Aevum unveiled the Ravn X, a vehicle for launching payloads into space

Avenum's grand plans are further proof that the space industry is experiencing a renaissance. The Americans have just presented a vehicle capable of launching rockets. This system is expected to compete with technologies developed by other domestic companies, including SpaceX. The vehicle, called Ravn X, was designed like a regular airplane. Thanks to this, it is to be able to fly even every 3 hours.

You no longer need to carry your driving license with you. You can have them in the mObywat application

And we're talking about the mObywat mobile application, in which we have access to mPrawa Driving, a digital document confirming our driving license. Of course, as the ministry emphasizes, we are not required to bring a driving license with us and it also applies to the digital version, but nevertheless, it encourages you to download and use the application, which includes some additional functions. One of them is the penalty point counter (the update takes place every day around 6:00) and while we hope most of us have so few that there is no problem with counting, unfortunately there are also people for whom points are everyday and so they are easy to control.

OnePlus 8T Concept, a color-changing smartphone that will track your breathing

Fortunately, this topic is changing a bit and recently we have seen at least some innovative designs from LG, such as the Wing model with an additional rotating screen that can be turned by 90 degrees to create something like the letter T. We are also seeing devices with folding flexible displays, and now OnePlus has presented a concept smartphone that attracts attention with some interesting functionalities. First of all, its housing can change color, and secondly, there is a millimeter wave radar (mmWave) inside.

Watch the official, spectacular SpaceX movie from the Starship prototype flight

Although the SN8 flight took place more than two weeks ago, only now SpaceX has decided to publish a video from the course of this project on its official YouTube channel. Despite the fact that the vehicle exploded during the landing approach and ceased to exist, virtually the entire flight was almost perfect.