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Research suggests that bioplastics are just as toxic as traditional ones

It is often made from plants, recycled materials and various forms of organic matter, promising many advantages and an ecological advantage over traditional plastic. What's more, its production is supposed to consume less energy, products made of it decompose faster and thus protect the environment. Unfortunately, as suggested by the latest research, not everything looks so wonderful, because it seems that these treatments do not affect toxicity in any way, which is why bioplastic has as much toxin content as traditional ones.

A great breakthrough is coming in 3D printing of objects from various materials

Most consumer 3D printers create objects in a process called fused deposition modeling (FDM), which involves the material being applied being forced through a nozzle heated to its melting point - the nozzle controls the material flow and is moved automatically as instructed and the model is produced layer by layer. And everything is fine until we try to print something that is to consist of different types of polymer, e.g. a different color.

See what the flight in a wingsuit and electric motor from BMW looks like

BMW and Designworks have jointly designed and built the world's first electric powered wingsuit. Work on it took 3 years, but the effects exceeded all expectations of its creators. In a moment you will be able to see the action of extreme sports fan, the famous base jumper Peter Salzmann.

The first manned ride with the Hyperloop capsule was a complete success

Virgin Hyperloop has just reached one of the most important milestones on the way to the implementation of its new mode of transport plan, namely it carried out the first manned test and it was also successful. In a special DevLoop unit in Nevada, two passengers sat in the transport capsule and made the first course on the high-speed train - although the tunnel was only 500 meters long, it did not allow the target speed to be achieved, but this does not detract from the rank of achievement. As for the mentioned passengers, one of them was obviously not accidental, because the co-founder of the company, Josh Giegel, sat in the cabin.

Aevum unveiled the Ravn X, a vehicle for launching payloads into space

Avenum's grand plans are further proof that the space industry is experiencing a renaissance. The Americans have just presented a vehicle capable of launching rockets. This system is expected to compete with technologies developed by other domestic companies, including SpaceX. The vehicle, called Ravn X, was designed like a regular airplane. Thanks to this, it is to be able to fly even every 3 hours.

OnePlus 8T Concept, a color-changing smartphone that will track your breathing

Fortunately, this topic is changing a bit and recently we have seen at least some innovative designs from LG, such as the Wing model with an additional rotating screen that can be turned by 90 degrees to create something like the letter T. We are also seeing devices with folding flexible displays, and now OnePlus has presented a concept smartphone that attracts attention with some interesting functionalities. First of all, its housing can change color, and secondly, there is a millimeter wave radar (mmWave) inside.

Watch the official, spectacular SpaceX movie from the Starship prototype flight

Although the SN8 flight took place more than two weeks ago, only now SpaceX has decided to publish a video from the course of this project on its official YouTube channel. Despite the fact that the vehicle exploded during the landing approach and ceased to exist, virtually the entire flight was almost perfect.

The Japanese showed more rock samples from an alien celestial body

In the latest photos published by the Japanese Space Agency on its Twitter profile, we can see the interior of the container, which contains a lot of coal-black dust obtained from the surface of the Ryugu asteroid by the Hayabusa-2 probe. In fact, there are several hundred milligrams of dust, which is not much, but for scientists this amount is enough to analyze and unravel many mysteries related to this object, as well as the history of the solar system's evolution and the appearance of life on our planet.