Stream now One of the best films of 2020 has just landed straight in the home theater

Stream now: One of the best films of 2020 has just landed straight in the home theater

At Metacritic among the 30 best-rated films of the year, 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but still hardly anyone talks about “bad education” here. Almost quietly and secretly, the highlight with Hugh Jackman has now also appeared in Germany:

First of all: regardless of the fact that we have no criticism of “Bad Education” on the side, the film will no longer make it into our big list of the best films in 2020 – because the HBO production didn’t exist seen on the screen.

“Bad Education” has been available directly on Sky or Sky Ticket * since July 22, 2020 and appeared there relatively quietly and secretly – despite the star ensemble and really strong reviews. So if you still need a streaming tip for the weekend, we can only recommend this amusing and nasty film to you.

“Bad Education” has been available directly on Sky or Sky Ticket * since July 22, 2020

This is what “Bad Education” is all about

Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman) is the district manager and is the beaming face of his school district – always with a smile on his face and an open ear for his students. But when a report in the school newspaper reveals that his right-hand man Pam (Allison Janney) embezzled funds for years, a whole construct of lies and corruption begins to shatter.

“Bad Education” is the adaptation of a report by New York Magazine about the biggest embezzlement scandal in the history of the American school system, which in turn is based on the findings that the youngster Rebekah Rombom (in the film: Geraldine Viswanathan as Rachel Bhargava) once made for her school newspaper The Hilltop Beacon – and a good 15 years later it was filmed by a no less ambitious young talent.

From the director of “Vollblüter”

It was staged by one of perhaps the most exciting and promising young directors – Cory Finley. If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. He will soon. After the 31-year-old filmmaker delivered a “nasty beast of a film” with “Thoroughbred”, which narrowly missed the top rating in the review, he now puts in the sometimes amusing but just as bitterly evil “Bad Education “according to.

It is therefore not surprising that his second film won stars like Oscar winner Allison Janney (for “I, Tonya”), Marvel hero Hugh Jackman and sitcom icon Ray Romano. And the fact that there were very good people at work both in front of and behind the camera is also reflected in the reviews.

That’s what the critics say

Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt praises the film as a brilliant and astute satire, while Variety’s Peter Debruge (among many xmovies8 highlights the successful balancing act between the tragedy of what actually happened and the satirical humor.

And the author of these lines also thinks: “Bad Education” is a great film experience, precisely because it is not a riot satire that wants to reap laughs – but is always just so nasty that one would like to laugh about it if it wasn’t so sad.

The fact that the film currently has a rating of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is among the 30 best-rated films in 2020 on MetaCritic (as of July 30, 2020) is due not least to main actor Hugh Jackman, who is highlighted in many reviews. The Wolverine mime proves once again that he can do comic roles just as well as dramatic ones – and shines as an almost uncomfortably likable tie wearer, who shouldn’t be given the wrong smoothie.