You no longer need to carry your driving license with you. You can have them in the mObywat application From Saturday, new regulations apply to us, under which we no longer have to carry a driving license with us when driving a car, but it is worth remembering that we can also use the digital version of the document.

And we're talking about the mObywat mobile application, in which we have access to mPrawa Driving, a digital document confirming our driving license. Of course, as the ministry emphasizes, we are not required to bring a driving license with us and it also applies to the digital version, but nevertheless, it encourages you to download and use the application, which includes some additional functions. One of them is the penalty point counter (the update takes place every day around 6:00) and while we hope most of us have so few that there is no problem with counting, unfortunately there are also people for whom points are everyday and so they are easy to control.

During the road check, we do not even have to have a digital driving license, because the police will have access to it from the level of their system, but it may be useful in other situations, such as renting a car, confirming the employer's driving license, buying insurance or a road collision. during which we do not decide to call the police, i.e. wherever the other party cannot verify our word on its own.

By the way, however, it is worth remembering that you can use the mDriving license only if you have a classic one and when applying for a document, we cannot opt ​​only for the digital version, this is only an addition to the traditional driving license. Similarly, you can also use mPojazd, i.e. a digital document reflecting the data contained in the Planet Watching document, third party liability insurance policy and vehicle card. The service can be used by people who own or co-own the vehicles. The authorities ensure that the data stored on our phone is encrypted and certified, which means that it is safe and secure, even when we lose our device. This is because access to the application is obtained only after unlocking the smartphone, which we usually protect in some way, and an additional password that we set when activating the mObywat application.