Watch the official, spectacular SpaceX movie from the Starship prototype flight Elon Musk's company has just published a video material on the web, where we can see the last flight of the Starship prototype SN8 from spectacular shots. Watch to the end.

Although the SN8 flight took place more than two weeks ago, only now SpaceX has decided to publish a video from the course of this project on its official YouTube channel. Despite the fact that the vehicle exploded during the landing approach and ceased to exist, virtually the entire flight was almost perfect.

According to the company's official announcement, there were problems with one of the Raptor engines just before landing. Too little power meant that the vehicle failed to stop in front of the surface and exploded. Engineers have already dealt with this problem and we can be sure that a similar defect will not occur in the flight of the next prototype, i.e. SN9.

On the published video, we can see, in great detail, the next stages of the SN8 flight. The shots are taken from multiple cameras located throughout the Boca Chica facility. Thanks to them, engineers could constantly track the vehicle in flight, and then obtain valuable data for the construction and testing of new prototypes.

Yesterday, we informed you about the installation of a new prototype with the designation SN9 at the starting stand. In the coming days, SpaceX engineers will conduct cryogenic tests to check the tightness of the tanks, and later tests of Raptor engines will take place. The SN9 flight may take place in the first days of 2021, but SpaceX fans hope and keep their fingers crossed for it to happen on New Year's Eve and to welcome the New Year.