The new brain-cloud interfaces will turn ordinary people into almost gods Ray Kurzweil, a famous scientist, writer and futurist, said at a recent conference on the future of humanity that in 10 years we will be divine in matters of knowledge. This vision is to be realized through brain-cloud interfaces.

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of the modern world. Billions of people all over the planet use this tremendous treasure of knowledge on every possible topic every day, regardless of age, place of fuss, and social status. The most famous personalities in the tech world, however, are proposing that the way we connect to the global network today will soon go down in history.

It will happen thanks to the first brain-cloud interfaces. At the moment such devices are being created in various parts of the world, and in a few years with their help the vision of making ordinary people almost gods in terms of access to almost unlimited knowledge on every subject will begin to be realized. These types of devices will connect our brains directly to the network, without the need for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Ray Kurzweil is talking here about harnessing the power of neural nanobots. Such devices are already tested with great results. The idea is that they will function in our bloodstream, and their task will be to connect the cerebral cortex with an artificial cortex created in a cloud, powered by artificial intelligence and unimaginable computing power. Of course, it will have permanent access to the network. Language, communication and intellectual barriers will slowly begin to disappear, and people living in various corners of the world will finally be able to level their chances in everyday life and achieve more in it.

Google's chief engineer believes that we are at the threshold of the so-called technological singularity, i.e. the moment when technological progress, e.g. in the matters of the development of artificial intelligence and robots, will take place so quickly that we will not be able to control it and determine what the world will look like in a few months.

This wonderful vision, long awaited by many visionaries and futurologists, can change our world beyond recognition. We will have amazing abilities, we will be super intelligent, we will be able to live much longer and be more beautiful, replacing organs and skin created in 3D / 4D printers, and the health of our body will be constantly monitored from the inside by thousands of nanobots, which will be able to perform the necessary repair.

Telepathic abilities will become something completely natural, and we will communicate with each other millions of times faster than today. Ultimately, all people living on Earth will create a kind of global consciousness or one powerful organism. Our memories, dreams and all thoughts will be stored in digital clouds.

Of course, technological advances will mean that our individual digital identities will be constantly attacked and stolen by various cybercriminals. It is true that this is already happening, and in the future it will be done on an unimaginable scale.

This is what the near future of our civilization will look like, whether we like it or not. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warned the world a few years ago that if we want to survive on our planet as a civilization in the face of faster and faster technological progress, we must connect with robots and artificial intelligence, otherwise we will be eliminated by them or we will become meaningless, as humans have done with our closest relatives, the monkeys.