Superhero disaster on TV: Say goodbye to Justice League before the new 4-hour version starts

What will actually happen to the old Justice League when the new version comes out this spring? Does he end up in a museum for bad blockbuster intersections? It will be completely erased from cultural memory. It would be better.

On Sat.1 on TV: The embarrassing DC accident Justice League

Either way, today you have the (maybe last?) Chance to marvel at the crashing Justice League on TV before it is (forever?) Ousted by an improved version.

Use this opportunity to say goodbye:

The reason for the surprising start is probably the publication of Wonder Woman in 1984 on the German streaming market - from now on you can watch the latest DC blockbuster on Sky *.

New 4-hour version: This is the Snyder cut from Justice League

In the trailer above you can get a direct picture of the new version. I explain everything else here in the necessary brevity.

Zack Snyder began directing the long-awaited ensemble superhero film. However, he was unable to end it due to personal problems. Joss Whedon took over.

However, the Avengers 1 and 2 director painted the entire film with a new, less gloomy tone, which the studio wanted. The result was a partially disturbingly crooked version of what Snyder had actually had in mind.

The Snyder-Cut gets new scenes with Ben Affleck and Co.

In fact, only a quarter of the scenes that Snyder shot can be seen in the finished movie. He is now building his own new version from endless material that did not make it into the film. In addition, around 70 million dollars are said to have been available for newly shot scenes.

Stars like Ben Affleck and Jared Leto returned. Most likely, however, the character Cyborg and his actor Ray Fisher benefit from the version.

The Snyder-Cut of Justice League will be released on HBO Max on March 18, 2021. In Germany, it could stream on Sky - just like Wonder Woman 2 recently.

It was a long way to get there. But today is not the time for grudges. Today we say goodbye to Justice League, the I, with a smile on our face. Because we can look to the future in a relaxed manner and know: everything will be better.

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