Starlink works great. YouTube videos run in 4K without buffering Elon Musk and his team of SpaceX specs may have reasons to be pleased. The cosmic Internet called Starlink is still in its infancy, but it's already working so well that you want to surf.

At least that's what the first users of this revolutionary technology say, which will change beyond recognition for the better the interaction of millions of people with the global network. A large proportion of them post information on their system performance on their profiles on social networking sites. Cosmic Internet allows you to comfortably browse the web, and it has barely started.

Elon Musk announces that the best is yet to come, because Starlink is to increase speed and reduce delays. Despite this, most users are already downloading at an average speed of 100 Mb / s (max 180 Mb / s) and upload speed of 25 Mb / s (max 35 Mb / s), all with ping at 30 ms.

It should be emphasized here that competing network access services via satellite reach a maximum of 24 Mb / s in both directions and ping as high as 643 ms. Starlink therefore beats the competition.

Users boast that they already use all about movies in the wild. They can easily watch YouTube videos in 4K quality there, without the appearance of persistent buffering. Unfortunately, access to this luxury is not cheap, but something for something. After all, Starlink is supposed to allow you to browse the web in virtually every region of our planet.

SpaceX asks itself to pay $ 500 for the modem and the plate, and $ 100 a month for internet access. Musk announced that nearly 1,000 Starlink satellites will move around Earth's orbit this year. Thanks to this, the efficiency of the network is to increase even more, and users will be able to count on download at 200 Mb / s, upload at 50 Mb / s and ping at 20 ms. Starlink is to come to Europe in March next year.