See what the flight in a wingsuit and electric motor from BMW looks like Extreme sports fans are looking for more and more interesting experiences. Flying a wingsuit is one way to get your adrenaline pumping. How about equipping the costume with electric motors ?! Look, this equipment in action.

BMW and Designworks have jointly designed and built the world's first electric powered wingsuit. Work on it took 3 years, but the effects exceeded all expectations of its creators. In a moment you will be able to see the action of extreme sports fan, the famous base jumper Peter Salzmann.

Until now, the Austrian has flown a wingsuit without an additional drive. Now he can no longer imagine traversing the most virgin areas of the Alps without a BMW drive. It allows him not only to accelerate to a dizzying speed of 300 km / h, but also to perform previously unavailable acrobatics. With an ordinary wingsuit, you can fly at a speed of about 100 km Media Joker h. So the difference is colossal.

During the first electric wingsuit test, Peter jumped out of a helicopter at 3,000 meters, along with two other wingsuit fans, but without propulsion, over the mountains in his native Austria.

The electric wingsuit is powered by a chest-mounted rig. It has a total power of 15 kW, divided into two rotors made of carbon fiber with a power of 7.5 kW. They rotate at a speed of 25,000 rpm. The system has small batteries installed that allow for turbo-charged flights of up to 5 minutes.