Prostitutes and drugs. A Martian colony will be exempt from earthly law Recently, Gwynee Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX, announced that Elon Musk's company will build the cosmic Internet not only in Earth orbit, but also in orbit of the Red Planet.

Now it turns out that SpaceX has even prepared the Starlink service regulations, which provides for the construction of such a network on Mars. But it is not everything. Users of the new application noted that, according to the "terms of service", SpaceX does not intend to respect international law on Mars.

The billionaire has long announced that he will not only send the first people to Mars and build the first colony there, but even initiate the process of turning this planet into a second Earth. All this is to be realized in this decade. Musk has repeatedly emphasized that the law of the world is imperfect and must be changed. As he is unlikely to be able to do this on our planet, he intends to bring his own on Mars.

Martian colonies will not obey the laws of the Earth. However, this does not mean that Musk wants lawlessness on Mars. We can expect it to be very liberal, because these are the values ​​of the billionaire. It is supposed to be a home for everyone, regardless of their religion, race, gender or political option.

Many enthusiasts of the sci-fi genre and the conquest of space saw in Elon Musk's plan a reference to many films and books and a chance to make their dreams come true. The first cities that will resemble the biblical Babylon are to be built on Mars. Everyone will be able to drink alcohol, take drugs and use prostitutes at will. The Red Planet is to be a stop for travelers who travel through outer space in search of adventure.

Will such a controversial vision come true? It is too early to discuss this. First, Elon Musk needs to build a powerful Starship SuperHeavy rocket, keep his word and send people to Mars in the next 4 years and start building the first colony there. Once that is the case, we can begin to think seriously about creating a new, more liberal civilization.