One of the best action films on Amazon Prime: Exciting until the end, more brutal with every minute

I say it as it is: the best Rambo part is still the first. Rambo: First Blood is now available on Amazon Prime. He influences the image of the just, introverted action hero to this day.

The film is infinitely quotable, carefully builds up its suspense and uses its brutality selectively, but then correctly.

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Briefly about the plot: That's what Rambo is about

In Rambo, Sylvester Stallone returns to his homeland as a traumatized Vietnam veteran. It's winter 1981, seven years out of the war. When the ex-soldier is terrorized by a provincial sheriff as a supposed tramp, he is forced to go back to the (private) war.

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For streaming on Amazon: The brutal action inferno is slowly blazing

The first 30 minutes of the film do not suggest any action blast. Rambo starts calmly. He introduces us to his sensitive and silent main character. Then there is the other side: the hostile small town police officers. So the fronts have been clarified.

The special thing about Rambo is that we cannot exactly determine the time of the escalation. The spiral of violence begins to turn when John enters the village. After that, the misunderstandings and small hostilities increase. At some point the wheel can no longer be turned back and it is only a matter of which side loses, i.e. dies.

The action shifts from civilization to the forest and here Rambo's laws apply. The trauma breaks out of him, and with it his brutal ability to improvise. John Rambo just wants to survive. The tension increases from minute to minute until the inferno breaks out in the finale.

Action, Violence, and Brutality in Rambo: How Rambo Himself Influences John Wick

The unwilling fighter has not disappeared from the cinema to this day, and of course he existed before Rambo. However, Stallone clearly unites those motifs that genre cinema still draws on today.

Rambo seems to be Watch Movies rest and only explodes when his enemies irritate him to the point of blood. Then he suddenly activates (deadly) competencies and the determination to repay the injustice of the opponent. With modern action heroes, it can be an ex-contract killer and a dead dog (John Wick) or a retired secret agent and a kidnapped daughter (96 Hours).

On Amazon Prime: Sylvester Stallone accidentally injured one of his colleagues

One of the most spectacular scenes in the film takes place at the very beginning of the escalation. Rambo escapes from the police station and hits police officer Lester in the face with his elbow. Unfortunately, according to IMDB, Stallone really hit his colleague Alf Humphreys with full force. The performer spent the rest of the film with a bandage.

Rambo is constantly streaming in the Amazon Prime flat rate.

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