From 0 to 500 km / h in 20 seconds. Bugatti Bolide will shake the automotive world The Bugatti Chiron was the fastest production car in the world, but was dethroned first by the Koenigsegg Agera RS and more recently by the SSC Tuatara. The company, however, still has an ace up its sleeve.

It is the hypercar project of the decade, which will set such records that the competition will not be able to dethrone them for a long time. At least, these are the plans of Bugatti engineers. The Bolide model is based on the design of its older brother, the Chiron. It is currently the fastest vehicle of this brand. Let us recall that its speed is 490 km / h.

Bolide is much lighter than the Chiron by over 600 kilograms, and has a much more powerful drive. Most importantly, this monster is to be certified by the FIA ​​and allowed to participate in the legendary 24 Hours races at Le Mans. Bugatti authorities plan that it will easily beat the fastest vehicles in the rate, the Toyota TS050 Hybrid. Bolide is to do as much as 7 seconds faster than Toyota, which is now 3: 14,791 seconds.

As mentioned before, the drive is based on that of the Chiron, but has been reinforced. We are talking here about the W16 engine with a capacity of 8 liters, which develops 1,850 hp and a torque of 1,850 Nm. Thanks to it, Bolide is to teleport to the hundred in 2.17 seconds, to 200 km / h in 4.36 seconds, 300 km / h in 7.37 seconds, 400 km / h in 12.08 seconds and reach 500 km / h in 20 , 16 seconds.

The weight of the vehicle has been reduced by over 600 kilograms with the help of 3D printing and a construction made of components made of carbon fiber and titanium. The interior looks similar to the vehicles taking part in Le Mans races, so we are talking here about total minimalism, which is dictated by practicality, safety and the idea of ​​reducing the weight of the vehicle.

Bolide will not be seen on public roads because it will not be admitted to them, but Bugatti is aiming for records that are set on world racetracks. The vehicle is to cost around EUR 15 million. Bolide already exists, not in the concept phase. It is currently being tested on the tracks, but Bugatti representatives assure that the situation will soon change dramatically and we will see it in action.