Dogs and cats will eat insects, thanks to which we will save the climate of our planet There are 15 million dogs and cats in Poland, and there are hundreds of millions of them all over the world. Most of them eat more meat than humans each day, and thus contribute to climate change.

Livestock are responsible for as much as 80 percent of the gas emissions produced by living organisms. Experts calculate that a 4-11 percent reduction in the number of livestock will translate into 20-60 percent lower annual average greenhouse gas emissions from farms to the atmosphere. Limiting emissions is a key part of the fight against global warming.

A dietary change is needed to implement this plan. For many years, environmentalists have encouraged people to give up eating meat from farmed animals and replace it with worms and insects as an ideal source of protein. Unfortunately, although it is something completely natural in Asian countries, such a diet cannot be popularized in Europe and North America.

Since people cannot be motivated to do so, more and Close To Movies pet food companies are starting to offer nutritious food based on worm and insect meat to happy owners of dogs and cats.

Nestlé and Yora have announced that they will soon be offering a new line of pet food. It is based on a protein of plant origin and insects. The products use brood, broad beans, millet as well as poultry and pork. Experts believe that by changing the diet of pets, one of the greatest problems of mankind will be solved.

Replacing only half of the meat consumed by humans and animals with insects is expected to reduce agricultural land by a third, or 1.680 million hectares. Thus, we will reduce the problem of decreasing forest areas, which are being cleared on a massive scale for pastures, as well as water consumption and gas emissions, which are accelerating climate change.

We must be aware that every year people in developing and developed countries have more and more pets. Their owners want most of them to live in dignity, which is reflected in a diet based mainly on meat products. They are all produced from the meat of farm animals. So, if we want to be ecological in our daily life and limit meat consumption, we should also remember about the diet of our pets, who may start eating products based on the meat of worms and insects.