BMW showed its futuristic, electric scooter straight from Cyberpunk BMW designers let their infinite imagination run wild again and designed a scooter that looks like futuristic vehicles from the future.

In 2017, BMW presented at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este the amazing two-wheeler called Motorrad Concept Link was. At that time, designers hailed this invention as the most interesting two-wheeled vehicle of recent years, because it beautifully combines futuristic and retro elements.

Now this all-electric machine is back in a refreshed version. After all, it is no longer a prototype, but a vehicle ready to go. The Definition CE-04 scooter has been designed from scratch. The engineers wanted it to be as practical as possible and to fit into the active lifestyle of its users and the realities of today's cities. The technologies used in it make it a real pleasure to use.

The batteries are installed in the floor, thanks filmfunbox which the center of gravity has been kept as low as possible, which facilitates cornering at higher speeds. The electric motor is located at the rear wheel, thanks to which the space under the seat has been transformed into a large luggage compartment.

“We managed to transfer many innovative elements and details of the concept to this model. The technical conditions of the electric drive, such as the flat battery in the chassis and the compact drivetrain, have allowed us to create an extremely captivating design that defines a new, urban aesthetic and clearly deviates from conventional style, ”said Alexander Buckan, Head of Design, BMW Motorrad.

All the most important data is displayed on the tablet placed under the steering wheel. The display can be freely modified to meet our individual needs. Engineers boast that the ergonomics of this vehicle is world-class, and even sets completely new trends that will be the standard in the next decade.

BMW will now test its futuristic scooter on the streets of the metropolis. The valuable experience and data collected will be used to build a production model that will be available to anyone who loves to feel the breeze of freedom in the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.