First reactions to the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian Inspiring surprising familiar

First reactions to the new “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”: Inspiring, surprising, familiar

Disney has been in the US less than half an hour from the upcoming “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”. And the first voices to the series, which will be exclusively run on Disney +, are full of praise.

Disney showed finally more material from “The Mandalorian”. Important: There are only early reactions and it is advised to be cautious, because no all episodes were presented, but only about 27 minutes long compilation with material from the first three episodes.

Consequently, not yet been received in the first reactions much on storytelling, etc., but what the first spectators in North America got to face these causes still to rapturous applause.

The “Star Wars”, to which we have been waiting for: The estimated colleague Steven Weintraub of Collider celebrates especially that the “Star Wars” universe will open on completely new way. As much as he loved the continuation of the Skywalker saga, so he was pleased that new characters and locations to be explored in depth.

The “Star Wars”, to which we have been waiting for:

Saw 27 minutes of @themandalorian. It’s as awesome as you want it to be. Can’t say anything specific but one scene answered a question that I don’t think has ever been explained/shown in any @starwars movie. Love that it opens up the Star Wars universe in a cool new way. pic.twitter.com/vTxC427sVi

This is the Star Wars thing I’ve been waiting for! While I love the Skywalker saga, I’ve wanted to see new characters and places explored in depth which can only be done over multiple episodes in a series format. Cannot wait to see more of @themandalorian. pic.twitter.com/exRmsLTYzU

Exciting, action-packed and stylish: Cinema Blend writer Sarah El-Mahmoud praised meanwhile especially the production. It has also been felt a spark of magic of the original artswww trilogy:

Exciting, action-packed and stylish:

#TheMandalorian footage first impressions: it’s thrilling, action-packed and stylish. The music & cinematography is incredible! I was blown away by the new corners of the Star Wars universe it looks to be exploring and sense a glimmer of the original trilogy’s magic. pic.twitter.com/gvo1Wk1N7Q

A “Star Wars” -Western: screenwriter Ben Mekler (series “Trashtopia”) feels Meanwhile, at one of the great cinema genres reminded praises firefight and stand-offs, and especially quiet “campfire scene”, giving it a cold chill ran down his spine. The Western similarity also mentioned, but is not quite impartially Michelle Buchman as Lucasfilm employees and social media supervisor of the official “Star Wars” -Twitter channel secure.

A “Star Wars” -Western:

Just saw 30 mins of #TheMandalorian. Uh…WOW. Feels more western than sci-fi – from the shootouts to the stand-offs to the vidalia onion stew a new droid character named “Gramps” is always doting over. We are entering a new phase of Star Wars and the future is looking bright!

There’s a remarkable campfire scene in #TheMandalorian that’s quieter than anything I’ve seen in Star Wars. Just a group of rogues who mistrust each other, not speaking – just silently munching raw vidalia onions, occasionally pausing to mutter “that’s a juicy one”…I got chills

Saw 30 minutes of #TheMandalorian footage. Old studio westerns of the 40’s and 50’s with a dash of samurai movie vibes mixed in a Star Wars-y blender. I think Star Wars fans will be very pleased. @ludwiggoransson’s score is marvelous.

We are surprised: Several colleagues point out that there are probably some surprising twists. Drew Taylor refers in this context to the role of Nick Nolte, Peter Sciretta of SlashFILM even that Disney has much aware yet deny them many scenes.

We are surprised:

Wow. #TheMandalorian is completely amazing. Saw nearly a half hour of footage from what I was told were the first three episodes. Whoever you think Nick Nolte is … the answer will surprise you. pic.twitter.com/jh3CpZnMW2

Just saw almost 30 minutes of #TheMandalorian’s pilot episode. It feels like a thrilling return to the original trilogy era of Star Wars. It feels like a big scale movie, not a tv series. They are still keeping a lot of mystery with deliberate cuts in the footage.

Look like in the movies: Although “The Mandalorian” the first live-action series in the “Star Wars” universe is and is exclusively run on the upcoming streaming service Disney +, the optics and the special effects are praised in several reactions. Smears against the productions for the big screen probably have not be feared.

Optics like in the movies:

Also it looks as expensive as it is — they didn’t skimp with this one. Spaceships, creatures, etc all in full effect. Cannot wait for full episodes. #TheMandalorian

Also there is some up close interactions with Star Wars creatures fully realized in a photo real way (I’m guessing using some of the same technology that @Jon_Favreau used on Jungle Book and Lion King) that can only be described as INTENSE.

When there is to see “The Mandalorian”?

“The Mandalorian” by director Jon Favreau ( “Iron Man,” “The Lion King”) is + ready right at the start of Disney. And that’s on 12 November. However, the Mouse House’s streaming service and direct Netflix competitor does not start immediately in Germany. It is not therefore known when “The Mandalorian” will be in this country to see.

It is not therefore known when “The Mandalorian” will be in this country to see.