Blu-ray Joker on DVD & This email editions you expect in home theater

Blu-ray “Joker” on DVD &: This email editions you expect in home theater

Until the home theater release of “wild card” while there, who wants but put on the shelf the DC mega hit with Joaquin Phoenix in limited Steelbook will take a while, the film can already secure – and is spoiled for choice.

Comic book movie with a difference: “Joker” has proved that it can go up high even without big crash-boom. Instead of a motley effect spectacle provides DC a character drama that is aimed at adults. And the success are the creators to director Todd Phillips ( “The Hangover”) right. The story of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), who suppressed by society slowly Batman later opponent Joker mutated played the first film R-rated (ie a US Certificate for adults) over a billion dollars a! Watch DC movies online on Fmovies

The film is not only mega successful, but also just popular right. And the countless fans of the DC film will of course also be operated in the home theater. The plays studio Warner, that would of course like to join with the home video release of the hit movie, of course in the cards. Accordingly, it can be for home theater release of “wild card” and so few ideas.

“Joker” appears in three (!) Steel Books

After the surprising run of success in the cinema “Joker” its blockbuster qualities should therefore also in the home theater to the test in the spring 2020th Collectors of limited special editions can look forward to the film therefore also a generous selection of different issues.

Overall, there will be “wild card” in addition to the commercial editions on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray in three different Steelbook versions. Both Amazon and Media Markt / Saturn bring the Blu-ray each in an exclusive edition on the market – with a pensive-looking and one is devoted to the noise Arthur stain.

Order from Amazon:

Order from Amazon:

In addition, it is but also give the 4K version (including Blu-ray) in Steelbook. At least the Amazon exclusive edition is currently (as of November 28, 2019) is not available, the other two versions can ye but already via pre secure.

Order at Media Markt:

Order at Media Markt:

Then appears “Joker” on DVD & Blu-ray

The time window between cinema and home cinema release is indeed becoming shorter in principle, to her the Joker are allowed but welcome in your living rooms, it still takes a while. Both Amazon and MediaMarkt give currently a launch in three and a half month.