Sylvester Stallone’s Best Role: The Ultimate Ranking of “Rocky” Movies!


Because  Sylvester Stallone then insisted on playing the lead role after the script was written, while the studio would have preferred a seasoned Hollywood star for the part, the budget was cut in half. Well, afterwards you are always smarter – and luckily there were only winners: “Rocky” became the most successful film of 1976 and also won ten Oscar nominations (including two for Stallone personally). You can watch this part of Rocky as well as all the below parts and watch movies online on free2watch.

“Rocky” is so much more than “just” the perfect underdog sports drama – it is also an absolutely brilliant character and milieu study about the working class in Philadelphia. One of THE classics in film history – and the instant breakthrough to superstar status for Stallone! How many times did it happen that an action star wrote his first big role for himself – and was then awarded an Oscar nomination for the best script (!) For it! The success of the “Rocky” film is a very similar underdog triumph to the rise of amateur boxer Rocky Balboa to the World Cup contender…


17 years after the previous film there was still a new part – with a Sylvester Stallone, who had already passed the age of 60 at the time and still rockets a young world boxing champion as Rocky Balboa. That sounds like unbelievable nonsense – an obviously desperately pushed late trash mechanism to squeeze the last dollar out of the unused franchise. But puff cake!

After parts 2 to 5 turned towards genre cinema, Stallone in ” Rocky Balboa ” returned to the original strengths of the series – and so the sixth film thrilled not only as a rousing sports drama (that its much younger opponent was up for it a fair fight first has to break your arm, free), but also as a moving milieu study with lots of passion. Of course, Stallone was a multimillionaire at that time – but he still writes much more credibly about the problems of the “little man” than most Hollywood authors. An amazing comeback!


The rematch against Apollo Creed – and for this Sylvester Stallone not only contributed the script for the first time, but also took over the directing himself: The structure of ” Rocky II – The Revenge ” is similar to that of the first part. Stallone skillfully tightens the tension screw, while at the same time increasing the emotional pressure on his protagonist – until in the end everything unloads in a boxing duel that is even more spectacular and stirring than the original.

“The Revenge” is one of these sequels, which above all offers the viewer even more of what he loved so much about the original – but if everyone did it at the level of “Rocky II”, Sequels would certainly not have such a bad reputation.


With the third part, the series slowly says goodbye to its roots – and turns more and more into a sports action film. But if that is as much fun as with ” Rocky III – In the Eye of the Tiger “, this is of course a more than legitimate way: Instead of precise milieu descriptions, Sylvester Stallone increasingly relies on stereotypes in his script – but he gets the most out of them entertainment, especially in the once again excellent choreographed fight scenes.

“A-Team” cult star Mr. T is a worthy opponent, who can be relieved  immediately that he, as a talented and big-mouthed clubber Lang, easily blows himself up the world rankings. “Rocky III” may not be as demanding as its predecessors – but it is almost even more fun!


With ” Rocky IV – The Battle of the Century ” Sylvester Stallone really gets everything out of the Cold War animosities between the USA and the Soviet Union – and with the Swede (!)  Dolph Lundgren he has the perfect actor for the role of his opponent Ivan Drago found. It is absolutely no wonder that this iconic storyline in sports film history was actually continued again in “Creed 2 – Rocky’s Legacy” more than 30 years later!

The duel Rocky Balboa Vs. Ivan Drago is actually a “battle of the century” – despite all the iron curtain clichés! The two boxers put in the fight a dozen times more than even the strongest man on the planet could take – but this exaggeration happens in a way that doesn’t pull you out of the fight, but only pulls you in more. On the border of trash? Maybe. But still cool …


” Rocky V ” is, as I said, the film that we always get the most disagreement with – because for us the border to trash has not only been crossed long ago, we find the story about Rocky Balboa, the young up-and-coming heavyweight Tommy Gunn ( Tommy Morrison ) begins to manage, even stupidly. And newcomer Morrison is a full-time professional boxer and not an actor, which can be seen in his effort, rather than light-footed, in every scene.

“Bad Boys 3”: This action scene is not to be seen in the cinema!

Even if the scraps fly in “Bad Boys For Life”, the real Bay madness in Part 3 still falls by the wayside. Above all, the action was shortened, as the makers now revealed – it also hit a spectacular sequence from the trailer.

The fact that ” Bad Boys 3 ” was so crisp at 124 minutes is, of course, due to its entertainment value on the one hand, but certainly also due to the cut. Because as  Adil El Arbi and  Bilall Fallah revealed in a conversation with Cinema Blend , the first cut version of the director duo – as is often the case – was much longer.

So you had to separate some scenes or at least shorten them. And as it now became known, action sequences also fell victim to the scissors. There was even a scene of this in the trailer for the film, but not in the cinema.


When Mike ( Will Smith ) and Marcus ( Martin Lawrence ) heat the area in a Porsche at the beginning of the film, they even end up on a beach, where Marcus greets the “white bathers” with their gun and brand. In the trailer, the two also raced through a shopping center – to the amazement of the shopping community. However, one had to separate from this scene and other sequences in which it crashes: “Our first director’s cut, if you want to call it that, was just too long and the action scenes were too long,” Fallah said in the interview.

“We organized real ‘Bayhem'”, says the director of the film, who wanted to give Michael Bay’s predecessors a worthy successor.

El Arbi added that there was just too much action happening at the same time. But since you didn’t want to overload the film and keep the overview (which is also a good thing for Bay), you had to tighten the action again in some places. That may be a shame for those who can never get enough of the bad boys, but ultimately it will probably make the buddy comeback a better film.


The two young Belgian talents received support behind the camera from their producer  Jerry Bruckheimer as well as from leading actor and producer Will Smith. On their side, it always said “shortens the action, makes it shorter,” says Fallah. You wanted to focus on the characters, not the action.

However, the shopping center scene is also one from which Fallah found it particularly difficult to separate: “I mean, come on! They drive through a mall! ”But who knows, maybe we will see a longer version of the film at some point in the home theater. In any case, Bilall Fallah is confident: “If one day there is an extended cut, the scene is back in there.”


It will of course take a while until you can watch the third “Bad Boys” film at home – Amazon is currently announcing the start of sales of “Bad Boys For Life” on June 6, 2020. Nevertheless, fans of the series can already secure their copy, which is probably worth it , especially with the Limited Edition *. The film is exclusively available on Amazon in a steel book (incl. 4K and Blu-ray) – and considering how well the film is received, it is probably only a matter of time before this version is out of print. Watch bad boys for life online

Many Android apps with serious security vulnerabilities

On the infamous list, there are hundreds of applications that expose users’ safety, because they lived to see the patches, and among them such popular as Messenger, Instagram and WeChat.If you were expecting that you are exempt from being considered on their own network security, because Google makes sure that the software in the Play Store was well tested and up to date, then you have to quickly change the approach. Although the company is trying to watch out for dangerous and suspicious applications, but when the software has already passed the initial verification and will be in the store inspection is limited to a minimum. Of course, the American giant constantly scans the Play Store in search of such obvious threats, like malware or adware, but no longer guarded, or the creator of the application available in the store regularly update them.Industry experts are sounding the alarm that such an approach can be used to carry out a number of attacks using popular applications, because although users regularly update their devices, it seems a little when new versions of the programs still use the old library dangerous. According to a report prepared for dealing with cyber security company Check Point, every day there are dozens of such vulnerabilities and update them for the latest security threats is a difficult and demanding process, so developers do not treat all applications with the same attention.The researchers therefore decided to check what applications available in the Play Store still enjoy the vulnerable library, searching for specific vulnerabilities 3. It quickly became clear that the problem is huge, because it affects more than 800 popular applications and games on Android, which collected a total of more than 5 billion times, and what’s more they are still gaps that could be found in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 year! And if it seems to you that it is a smaller software developers, then you are completely wrong – the list are the trap, like Facebook, WeChat, Messenger, Instagram, AliExpress, or TuneIn ShareIT. What are they interested in? Facebook claims that in his case it is not a problem, because due to the encoding application vulnerabilities are useless for potential attackers. Such translation is not convinced, however, by the end of Google, because the company said it will look into the matter and “motivate” the developers to release fixes. It is a pity that was needed for this intervention communities dealing with cyber security … Especially that researchers Check Point’s claim that only 3 indicated the most serious vulnerability, but it really is a lot more of them, which leaves cybercriminals large room for maneuver. And it is worth recalling that just this year found more than 1,000 android applications that collect data without the permission of the user (and even against such a prohibition) and use them for unknown purposes.

The Chinese company has developed a test that detects the coronavirus in just 8 minutes!

Great news come to us from China. One of the local biotech company has created a set of very rapid test for coronavirus nucleic-nCoV 2019, just 10 days after the outbreak in Wuhan.According to company representatives, the test has a very high efficiency in the detection of new, previously unknown virus that is ravaging China. The test takes between 8 to 15 minutes. The first set of several thousand tests has already been forwarded to the authorities of the city of Wuhan.Company of Wuxi city currently produces approx. 4,000 tests per day, but the ongoing intensive work on increasing production to up to 10,000 pieces per day. The corporation cooperates in its research on the virus with the National Institute of Disease Control and Prevention viral. To date there are transmitted virus samples collected from patients, so biotechnologists have a wide field of action.Testing kits to detect the virus in 2019-nCoV they were also created with the help of genetic engineering technology, supercomputers and artificial intelligence. Authorities local hospitals do not hide the joy of creation of such a test. It will allow them to quickly detect the virus in people who report to medical facilities and segregate them infected in 2019-nCoV and those who suffer from other diseases.Experts estimate that the first effective treatment for the virus from Wuhan may appear for approx. 2 months. Official figures indicate that we are now 304 victims of the “disease X”, 370 people in critical condition, infected 14,000 and 18,000 suspected infection. Economists calculate that the epidemic in China could cost the country up to 60 billion, or approx. 2 per cent of GDP.

Las Vegas, however, the first city in the world with a commercial system Loop

The company Boring Company, owned by Elon Musk, has not died. Recently too much about it he does not say, but it is growing, and soon the world see the first effects of the concept of transfer of the land transport.Corporation in May last year received approval and huge funds for the construction of the future transport system called Loop in Las Vegas. The authorities recognized the huge potential in this form of transport after the first test system in Los Angeles. We remind you that it is in the City of Angels was built 2-kilometer stretch of experimental.Gambling City authorities want to take advantage of the benefits flowing from the Loop system to communicate with each other the most important part of the city. Two tunnels leading in both directions, they have a length of 1600 meters with three stations and street casinos and connect the airport to the convention center. The choice was not accidental, the center is part of the Tourism Agency Las Vegas and visited by over a million people a year.The authorities wish to Las Vegas in tunnels advantage of special vehicles Loop, which can carry on its board to 16 people and a platform for cars. Loop has a target to carry 4,400 passengers per hour. The cost of building the entire infrastructure of the future, travel will cost 50 million US dollars and become the showcase of the city not only in the United States, but also worldwide. The first tourists will be able to use the Loop at the beginning of 2021 years.Although the popularization of the world such an innovative form of transport that caress the future, then you have to start somewhere and here Elonowi Musk deserves great applause for their determination in the implementation of their innovative visions that have improved the quality of life of millions of people living on our planet. Elon Musk is confident that such a network of underground tunnels will eliminate the problem of traffic jams in metropolitan areas. For now willing to test-the first one, which has a length of approx. 2 kilometers and is located in Los Angeles. Apparently the length of the tunnel does not allow to communicate efficiently distant parts of the metropolis, but we must remember that the project is still in the experimental phase. Despite this, all volunteers can ride inside a tunnel full electric Model X and not waste time standing in traffic between the freeway and the streets 105 Hawthorne Municipal Airport. Loop system performs perfectly. The car is undertaken by a special lift from the street, and then lowered inside a tunnel with a diameter of 3.4 meters. Once you find a tunnel, the wheels are attached special bumpers / stabilizers with wheels. The car is moving so far in the tunnel between the seat SpaceX station and O’Leary, a speed of approx. 60 km / h (soon to be 130 km / h, and the target 240 km / h). Interestingly, it uses its own drive. The entire length of the route we can count on quick access to the global network via wi-fi. The Boring Company already has an order for the construction of Loop system not only from the authorities of the City of Los Angeles, but also in Chicago. In both cases, the underground tunnels will connect the city center with international airports and to be the fastest and cheapest form of transport for residents. Musk wants to pass the price does not exceed $ 1. Interestingly, the billionaire in August last year quietly launched in China its first branch of The Boring Company. Hyperloop speed railway transport system and tunnels Loop will make the millions of people who live every day in faster enlarging metropolitan areas will be able to count on greater comfort. From year to year, China sold more new cars. By 2030, they will be sold annually approx. 30 million. Road infrastructure not accommodate them all, so you will need to move them underground.Recently there were reports that The Boring Company will build the successor to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN lying in Swiss Geneva (see here). Government of the State center also announced the construction of a similar device, but even more from Europe. Perhaps also there to offer their help billionaire (see here).